Author – L.S. Lane

L.S. Lane began composing poetry in elementary school and started her first novel in high school. After selling an article to a Midwest publication, she studied creative writing at Purdue University, took a fiction-writing course offered by Writer’s Digest, and worked as a writer and editor for a  regional magazine. Today she is a fiction editor who enjoys guiding writers toward their publishing goals as well as writing her own.

After creating, editing, and publishing her own journal for seasoned (senior) citizens, she spent several years editing newsletters and e-zines for writers’ groups. Currently, she has two manuscripts on the verge of going to press and more in various stages of completion. She also writes regularly for the Blood Red Pencil (, a blog for writers, editors, those who would like to be either, or those who simply enjoy a great book. 

Leaning much closer to the strong characterization of literary writing than to plot-driven genre fiction, her fast-paced novels delve into the lives, relationships, and experiences that make us who we are. Her three-dimensional characters facing life-altering situations invite readers into their lives and bring a strong sense of realism to her stories. No graphic sex. No expletives.  Limited violence.