Powerful Stories for Women of All Ages

(Shhhhh … men like them too!)

“For when the heart goes before like a lamp and illumines the pathway,
many things are made clear that else lie hidden in darkness.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie


A family drama you won’t soon forget
The Accounting  
Tentative release: Fall 2021
(front cover is draft copy—final may differ slightly)

What if the person who should love you the
most hurts you the worst?

Edmund Kohler dies unexpectedly.
His wife leaves her job to take his place in the family business.
His brother claims that business as his own. 
His family is expendable. 

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Tormented Tango
Tentative release: Winter 2021/2022

Family must be protected at all costs
even if it means killing them.  

Tormented tango of secret schemes,
Despondent dancer of shattered dreams,
Wielder of a poison pen,
Warden of the Dragon’s Den—
Nightmares rob the dark of rest,
Day puts reason to the test,
Release turns to retribution,
Revenge is the sole solution,
Others pay for the sins of one,
For ugly deeds that once were done.

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