Powerful Stories for Women of All Ages

(Shhhhh … men like them too!)

“For when the heart goes before like a lamp and illumines the pathway,
many things are made clear that else lie hidden in darkness.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie


A Brother Betrayed by L.S. LaneA Brother Betrayed
Scheduled release date: Spring 2020

The first in the series of the Emilie Hart psychological novels, A Brother Betrayed tells a story of family, trust, betrayal, and friendship. 

Edmund and Katherine Kohler have spent years raising their family. Now financially secure and loving their jobs, they live the good life. Then the unthinkable happens.

Re-titled and updated to introduce recurring character Emilie Hart, this story begins after she accepts a temporary position at the hospital where Katherine Kohler works. Never did she imagine being pulled into a family crisis that threatens the very existence of a friend she loves.

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Tormented Tango
Tentative release: Fall 2020

Emilie Hart takes a detour to visit former classmate Jenna Jacobs on her way to Colorado’s western slope. What starts out to be a week of relaxing girl time ends in a kidnapping that extends her stay indefinitely.

With no clues to go on and no leads to follow, families and friends are drawn together and torn apart as one terrifying day melts into the next and hope for the victims dwindles to nothing. Even with her special abilities, Emilie is at a loss about how to help those who need her.

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