Powerful Stories for Women of All Ages

(Shhhhh … men like them too!)

“For when the heart goes before like a lamp and illumines the pathway,
many things are made clear that else lie hidden in darkness.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie


Scheduled release date: Spring 2021

What if the person who should
love you the most hurts you the worst?

   “Shoving his phone in his pocket, Oren Kohler whirled around to face the woman sitting on the couch. Rage blazing in his ice-blue eyes sent shivers all the way to her toes.
   “What did your brother say?” Her shaking voice bore little resemblance to its natural sound.
   “I wasn’t talkin’ to him, stupid. Now get me your brooch.”
    A ball of fear threatened to cut off her breath, but she didn’t move. “I thought you said you were going to contact Edmund about the new job.” 
    “I told you I wasn’t talkin’ to him. Are you as deaf as you are dumb? Or are you forgettin’ that I call the shots here. Me! Not you.” He bent close. His hot breath filled her nostrils. “Get that brooch!”
    “Please don’t sell the last piece of my mother’s jewelry. It’s worth much less than the others.” Tears filled her eyes. “It’s all I have left from her. Please, Oren. Please.”
    He grabbed her arm and forced it upward behind her back. “You’re even uglier when you beg.” 
    “Ow! You’re hurting me!” 
    “I’ll hurt you a lot worse if you don’t shut up. We do things my way here. Do you understand, Yoyo?”

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Tormented Tango
Tentative release: Summer 2021

Family must be protected at all costs
even if it means killing them.  

Known for its friendly, peaceful atmosphere, the small town of Mountain Park zealously guards its enviable reputation. Close enough to the city for easy accessibility, yet far enough away not to be tainted by its problems, it is home to three attorneys and a host of other folks who almost never consider living anyplace else.

The assault that nearly ends Kimberly Larsons life and the trial that follows it are so out of the ordinary that they make front page news—even in the city. But when it’s over, the towns residents accept the jury’s verdict, and life returns to normal. No one—least of all the attorneys—expects what happens later. And no one—least of all the attorneys—expects the crime that follows to threaten three young lives. Nor do they expect it to rip apart an almost perfect marriage.

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