Pen & Sword Publishers Ltd.

Publishers throughout history have carried the heavy responsibility of recording past and present events for posterity. (This often includes fiction because fiction mirrors reality.)  We at Pen & Sword Publishers Ltd. believe great stories are keepers to be enjoyed often as well as shared with others. Gripping tales pull us into the lives of their characters, invite us on their journeys, and keep us turning pages, cheering them on as they struggle to overcome the same challenges many of us face in everyday life. While we do not publish books that include explicit sex or the expletives prevalent in today’s novels—and we minimize graphic violence—we firmly believe you will not miss those elements in our compelling, heartwarming stories.

Books are a treasure, one that often goes underappreciated in our modern world, yet it is the medium through which history has been recorded for millenniums. Early publishers began with drawings on cave walls that contained stories of our ancestors, records of their daily lives, perhaps even their hopes for the future. While stories were often passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth, early publishers also chiseled their words on stone tablets and later penned them on bulky scrolls. Thus, human history found a permanent place to tell its story in those precursors of today’s books. 

Mission: Our goal is to offer well-written, compelling stories in a variety of genres that are suitable for readers from young adults to seasoned (senior) citizens. While many people have the ability to travel domestically, visit foreign lands, or take a cruise, many others cannot. No one can time travel, neither to the past nor the future. Yet the majority of the world’s literate population has access to books, which can take the reader on a journey to days gone by, to futuristic planets, to grand mansions, humble cottages, portable wigwams, to places one can only dream of seeing. Books inspire dreams and soothe broken hearts. They grant clarity to seekers and solace to mourners. Stories about issues that face so many of us can shed light on, perhaps even provide answers to, problems we face daily. They instruct, inform, and entertain. Below is a whimsical poem I wrote to celebrate the opening of an independent book store in Grand Junction, Colorado. The owner had it blown up to at least 5 feet tall and hung it from the high ceiling.


Where can you find the very best zoo?
Where can you learn exactly how to?
Where can you plan a flight to the moon?
Where can you seek the ways of the loon?

Where can you take a trip to the past?
Where can you join a big Broadway cast?
Where can you ride in a Wild West show?
Where can you go where no one did go?

Where can you find unbeatable strength?
Where can you travel both breadth and length?
Where can you meet the great and the small?
Where can you grow to be ten feet tall?

Where can you learn how to get wealthy?
Where can you find how to be healthy?
How can you walk where ancestors trod,
Or sail with Wynken, Blynken, and Nod?

You might be very surprised to know
That no matter where you want to go,
You have only to open a book—
Just sit down now and take a quick look.

You can be mighty, you can be meek,
You can be plain, or you can be chic;
No matter which way that you choose,
You decide whether you win or lose.

When you read a book, you grow inside,
Expand horizons, relish the ride,
Hitch your wagon to a rising star—
Who you want to be is who you are.

Read to your parents, read to your child,
Read to yourself, by books be beguiled;
Travel the world, the universe grand—
Your passport is the book in your hand.
                                                         L. S. Lane